After eating sleepy, apparently this is the cause

After eating sleepy, is a common complaint felt by almost everyone. Although it actually does not need to worry, but sometimes it can interfere with activities. To minimize sleepiness after eating, you need to know the cause, so you can avoid it. Especially for those of you who are often sleepy after every meal, there may be certain factors that need attention, both from food, diet, and lifestyle factors. Various Factors That Cause Sleepy Eating There are various factors that are known to cause drowsiness after eating, including: Influence of hormones during the digestive process More than just turning food into energy, both the digestive process and the food itself, will trigger a response in the body, including by releasing hormones. Two of these hormones, namely serotonin and melatonin, can cause drowsiness after eating. In addition, basically the body still needs energy to carry out its functions, including to digest food. Lack of sleep Not surprisingly, lack of slee…
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